Tool Box

The result of Intellectual Output 4 is the Tool Box for the adoption, mainstreaming and uptake of the SHIFT Innovative Model.

The package includes:

Some template documents for internal documentation for the SHIFT Model.

This covers important aspects of financial planning such as budgeting, basic savings, debt management, and personal insurance, along with awareness/advice of regulation of financial institutions and consumer protection.

The high-priority areas have been identified from the financial literacy mapping exercise carried out at the beginning of the project. The goal was to provide training materials for empowerment of students to make sound financial decisions that will impact their future well-being.

The most notable aspect of IO4 is the equipment in the Tool Box.
It presents the SHIFT Innovative Model to potential institutional stakeholders and investors such as the European Commission, the National Agencies, EIB/EIF and commercial banks. This is a crucial component to test their appetite and interest.

The Tool Box is available in English
The Tool Box is available in Italian
The Tool Box is available in Polish
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