SHIFT 3rd Meeting in Warsaw, Poland

10th September 2018

The SHIFT Consortium will meet for the third Transnational Project Meeting on 10 September in Warsaw, Poland.

The Consortium, whose aim is to pioneer an innovative financial model to support Higher Education students in Europe, is currently developing the second intellectual output of SHIFT: “Innovative Financial Model for HE Students” (IO2). The aim of this intellectual output is to determine the main features of the SHIFT model, building upon the findings of the first intellectual output “Mapping The Financing Dynamics Of Higher Education Students” (IO1).

During the meeting, the partners will present the key findings of IO2, and discuss how to develop the third intellectual output: “Final SHIFT Model: Test and Validation through Financial Stress Testing” (IO3). The objective of IO3 will be to validate the final version of the SHIFT model, by implementing stress testing methods to assess the resilience of the model under alternative scenarios.

Finally, the Consortium will discuss Dissemination and Exploitation activities, with the aim to maximize external visibility and participation to the SHIFT project.

  • 26 Luglio 2018

Project Shift